Item Care

Knowing how to care for your new item will ensure that you're able to get plenty of enjoyment out of your purchase. Care for them right and they're sure to last.

Original Artwork and Prints

Photographic prints are printed using professional grade photo paper and inks that are resistant to fading. To ensure the longevity of your print, avoid any exposure to direct sunlight as this can damage or discolor your print or artwork. When possible, using a frame or display that provides UV protection will offer some of the best defense against fading and discoloration. 

Hand Printed Goods

Hand printed good (most often block printed items) are printed with either water-based or oil-based inks and protected with a light coat of sealant. Hand printed items are not water resistant and should be protected from water and moisture at all times. Contact with moisture can cause the inks to run, bleed, or stain other surfaces.

Clothing and Textiles

In general, clothing items and textile goods should be washed in cool water on a gentle cycle, and hung dry or tumbled dry on a low setting to ensure item longevity and reduce shrinking. Additionally, please consult each item's individual care tag for more specific instructions.


If you have specific questions about any item's care instructions, please feel free to contact us here and we will be happy to assist!