Let's Color & Chat: Art Fears!

Let's Color & Chat: Art Fears!

Hello, friends!

If you're anything like me, you may have crafted plenty of reasons (or excuses) for why you con't do something creative.

For me, I have always had that fear of making mistakes, or that my work will come out looking like something from an elementary school art class. The truth is that only one thing matters; and that's just getting started.

It doesn't matter how you get started, or with what materials. It doesn't matter if the first piece (or any of the ones that come after) isn't perfect. It doesn't matter if you start with just a pencil and a piece of copy paper. 

One of my favorite, low stakes way to get my creativity flowing without feeling the pressure to make something perfect is by relaxing with a good coloring book. Since the line work is already done, the only decisions to be made are what colors to use - and that's really the most fun part.

Grab your favorite coloring book and hang out with me while we chat about art, the doubts that hold us back, and how to overcome them. ❤️

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